Monday, August 18, 2008

These are some of my favorite ladies! and guys

And I finally got to meet Elizabeth Kartchner, Last year's Scrapbooker of the year. So cute, I admire her and I love her blog.

Here is Stacy Croninger. She was the Editor of Paper Crafts. When ever I see her I always go up to talk to her. I think that she is so nice and has the cutest sweaters. I am a sweater girl to. she is really nice to talk to me and she even remembers me, not my name but I am use to that. Thanks Stacey,

here's the guys that take pictures for the CK Media Magazines. I have wanted to talk to a "real photographer for ever. I need so much help with my camera. It has always had problems, I just need to send it in to a camera shop and have it fixed. But I love Creting Keepsakes mag. and I love the behind the scenes stuff. And these guys do all that. Really nice people. Here is Brian's blog ,

I am with Layle Koncar, she is with Senic Route paper company. She is so cute and fun, asked her about her podcast with Lain Ehmann ( said that she was really fun, and that we would both like to meet her in person. Here is Layle blog

Here I am with Sande Krieger, here's her blog,, boy you have been busy girl. Thanks for helping us make those cards.

Here I am with Lisa Bearnson and her sister Angela Ash . We got a tour of CK Media, it was really interesting to see the insides of making a magazine and what goes on. Loved it. Here is Lisa's blog Lisa is SO nice, Thanks Lisa, you're the best.

This is Debby Schuh, I love her style. and I enjoy reading her blog. That cat of hers is crazy and the pictures are great. To get to her blog, go here

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What a Week!

Hi, Wow what a busy week I am having. first of all I took my youngest daughter to EFY in Rexberg, ID. She is there for a weeek. She was really scared, but I know once she gets involved she will have a blast. she comes home on Sat. With the price of gas, we are putting her on the bus. I can't wait to hear about her stories. I even stopped in at Porters craft store. Looking for some fabric to make my apron. I am involved with an apron swapp. I shoudl put up some link. If I knew how. Anyone. How do you do that? You know when put up the a link and they seem to come up highlighted? And if you click on it, then it will take you there? Any ways I will have to take a look into it. I love aprons. I am in the process of making several aprons. Now if I could just get my energy up to start some sewing. ( Here is the link to the swapp. I know that it is closed, but I am sure someone will do another one. Enough about that.
Then I got to go on a scrapbooking trip. It was called Lisa Bearson Adventures. Or something like that. It was really fun. About 150 women and 2 guys went on this adventure around the SLC valley and we went behind the scens at some local scrapbooking companies. I loved it. I got to be on the bus with the guys and Brian was my bus buddie. He is starting a Ditgital scrapbooking company. It looks like he is very good at what he does. He had some samples and they looked great. Good luck Brian.
Then I got to go to the Scrapbooker of the year Banquet. It was so great. I really admire these ladies and what they do. Me I just try to get some pics on pages and have fun with it.
While at the Hotel (where it was held at,) I got to meet some of the scrapbook teachers. Ladies that I just admire. That was fun. I will have to try to upload some pics later. I even got some camera lessons from the CK Photo guys. They were really nice to help me. trying to understand my camera. Well I need to get ready for our play at the Hale center theater.

More later,

love, love, kiss, kiss