Monday, September 28, 2009

I know, Miracles never cease....

I know I know Miracles never cease. I am finally updating my blog. I had a busy summer, what we had of it. Once it got started it was great (meaning half of the month of June was rain). So this is going to be a spotty post. Is that a word? if not it is now. Well here it goes It kind of started on Memorial weekend. Tasha, Emma and I headed up to the cabin. We had a couple of nights to ourselves then Dad, Kindra, and Kira showed up. But while we were there I was in need of new nails. Emma loves her nails done. So I did her nails. I also do glitter toes. (picture of those later)

So then when poppa get here Emma got to go 4 wheelin' ! She loves it!

But something that we forget about when we head up to the cabin, It's kind of on the cooler side. So we had to find something for Emma to wear while 4 wheelin'. Thank goodness I have some extra hoodies in the closet. So we got her ready to go.

I love this picture of Emma asking her Poppa questions. Notice her feet? Tasha didn't even bring her closed toe shoes.(only flip flops) So she had to wear several pairs of socks to keep her feet covered and warm. We all had a great time, We always do..... Being at the cabin is SO wonderful. In fact we are headed there tomorrow. What a great time to go, Fall Break! So I plan on getting some sewing done. Going to make some halloween costumes And they are going to be so cute! I will be sure to post pictures. Boy I bet you can't wait for that one. Well I really need to go and pack for this trip.
Love, love ,kiss,kiss
The Mom