Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ok, just a quick note. It is late and I am tired. When I get some time this weekend (probable on Sunday) I will download my pictures off my camera, and I will write something. Not sure if it will be meaningful, but maybe a little informative? This is for you Debbie F. And to the rest of my peeps, Dinner was wonderful! Good night for now.

Love, love, Kiss,kiss,

the mom

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's been a while, yes?

About my apron swapp , my partner did recive it. She said she love it. Her name is Heidi from Or. So glad about that. I had Kira model it for me. Here is one side. And here is the other side. She said her favorit color is Kelly green. And we needed it to be a fall apron. So I picked some apple fabric. Added some white rick rack. I thought it turned out so cute.

As to why I haven't blogged, and it has been a while, and where have I been? Really, no where, but here. but very busy. Busy with RS Super Saturday. It's busy , but a good busy. It is this Saturday. I hope it goes well. But will be glad when it is over. Feel like alot of responsibility. Don't want to forget anything. I have had some really good help. Thankful for Tasha, and her willingness to be of service to me. I will try to take pictures. Because I am to lazy to blog about it all. I need to get going and run more errands.
love, love, kiss kiss
the mom