Monday, August 18, 2008

These are some of my favorite ladies! and guys

And I finally got to meet Elizabeth Kartchner, Last year's Scrapbooker of the year. So cute, I admire her and I love her blog.

Here is Stacy Croninger. She was the Editor of Paper Crafts. When ever I see her I always go up to talk to her. I think that she is so nice and has the cutest sweaters. I am a sweater girl to. she is really nice to talk to me and she even remembers me, not my name but I am use to that. Thanks Stacey,

here's the guys that take pictures for the CK Media Magazines. I have wanted to talk to a "real photographer for ever. I need so much help with my camera. It has always had problems, I just need to send it in to a camera shop and have it fixed. But I love Creting Keepsakes mag. and I love the behind the scenes stuff. And these guys do all that. Really nice people. Here is Brian's blog ,

I am with Layle Koncar, she is with Senic Route paper company. She is so cute and fun, asked her about her podcast with Lain Ehmann ( said that she was really fun, and that we would both like to meet her in person. Here is Layle blog

Here I am with Sande Krieger, here's her blog,, boy you have been busy girl. Thanks for helping us make those cards.

Here I am with Lisa Bearnson and her sister Angela Ash . We got a tour of CK Media, it was really interesting to see the insides of making a magazine and what goes on. Loved it. Here is Lisa's blog Lisa is SO nice, Thanks Lisa, you're the best.

This is Debby Schuh, I love her style. and I enjoy reading her blog. That cat of hers is crazy and the pictures are great. To get to her blog, go here


sande krieger said...

Hi Daurene!
It was SO NICE meeting you!
I glad that you finally posted on my blog so that I could visit yours.
What a fun group you all were!
I agree...Stacy is an absolute doll and Elizabeth is amazing.

Debbie said...

I'm so happy to finally get a look at your blog! Love it! Of course you are doing amazing scrapbooking things I'm sure... I know who I'm dealing with here... 'The Queen of Everything' haha! I have scrapbooking stuff and pictures... tons and tons of pictures all waiting for me to get motivated enough to put them in books. I'm only about 4 kids and 26 years behind. Is there hope for me?! I miss you and our other friends in Orem so much. We wanted to come to the reunion, but couldn't make it that night. Hopefully, they'll do it again sometime.

elizabeth said...

Daurene! You are such a cutie! I loved chatting with you at SOY! Thanks for stoppin by!