Thursday, November 26, 2009

Can you believe it? I know exactly how you feel....

WOW ! It's really happening, I am finally going to make a post. I keep thinking about why I don't update this blog. I think that I can't post with out pictures. So when I go to post I have no idea what to write about and no idea which pictures to post, then I have to figure out HOW to do it all over again. So for today it's just a quick post. It is Thanksgiving day. This is my favorite holiday. Think about it, It makes people think about what they are grateful for. It brings some of those feelings to the surface. I truly am grateful for all the normal things, family, good health, food on our table, our home, having the gospel apart of our lives, technology, cars that take us to places, (like our cabin), jobs, friends..... You get message. I really am grateful for everything in my life. My husband, whom I love so much, my family, and all of these other things. I am such a lucky girl. I really hope that everyone has had a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Love,love, kiss, kiss,

The mom