Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am so very sad...

Notice anything? Just for the record, I did take a straight on picture that was much better looking than this. Seems like blogger is having problems with this picture.I am making a point here.Now do you see it? While we were out to dinner last night, Enjoying our food and company.
(Alan and Naoma Roe)

Some idiot decided that they needed something out of our car. So they made a mess. Boy were we bummed. And this is what they decided to take.

My new bag. I am so bummed. Thank goodness there was nothing of value in it. Only some knitting. A scarf that was about 2/3 done. I had just taken it with me because I wanted to show my friend Angela (who is blind) it. And it is easier for her to look at it empty. And I was showing her my newest scarf I was working on.
So again I am very sad that it is gone. I want another one. My partner told me she ordered the fabric on line. I might have to do this.
Now you know why I am sad.
The mom

Friday, February 20, 2009

I did another swapp!

OK i joined a bag swapp. And this is what I made for my partner. I also made a bracelet and a tissue holder. I think that I forgot to take pictures of those. But take my word for it they were cute. Then this is what I got in the mail yesterday. So way cute. Can I just say thank you to my partner. Man she did a great job. I am away from home right now at a dance competition. and I forgot the card with the name and email. So sorry for being so slow and getting my thanks to you. I LOVE IT!

Another view of the cute things that came with it. A tissue holder with some lotion. How did she know? That I would need these things? considering that I live in Utah might have something to do with it. Wow I have to say it again, I LOVE MY NEW BAG! Thank you again, it made my day!!!

Well I need to go and watch my daughter dance. It is her first solo. We are nervous.

I post more later.

Love, love, kiss, kiss

The mom