Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Finally making a post.

  • I guess that I am supposed to be writing something on this thing, er blog. But as the tittle says, I really don't have time for this! Not completely true, I just forget about it. So here goes. we went to the cabin in Island park. It was so wonderful to be there. Alot of snow still, I love snow. We left early on sat at 6:15 am. Early but it was all good. got there and unpacked and just kind of relaxed a bit. I scrapbooked. I want to try to get caught up. At the end of the time there I got about 40 pages done. Boy did that feel good. We went to church, and stayed for all 3 meetings. It was great. Dinner was the best, roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls and candied yams! Yum Yum! then we played the wii. I, yes me, was the top bowler with the high score of 173. That will never happen again, I'm sure. But it was fun and dad made us some tapioca pudding (spelling). Oh yeah dad and I went for a night ride on the snowmobiles on Sat. It was so nice the trails were groomed and the night wasn't cold. Just very nice to do that. Then when we came home, dad's truck was leaking oil something bad. So we packed the truck in like 10 mins, headed down to Rexberg and dad sent us girls on a shuttle to SLC. He stayed to have them look at it and fix his truck, he was going to do it down at Randy's shop. But they instead got it in and they fixed it. And he was on his way home. Tyler came up to SLC and picked us up. And now we are home and life is back to normal.
  • Well Tasha and Mark are getting ready to move really soon. We are really excited about them being closer to us. Yeah! Grandpa wants to buy Emma a tricycle with a GPS so that she can ride it over and see us. Think he's excited about having her closer too!
  • Well I need to get busy with RS stuff. Feeling behind on it alittle. Still need my technically smart genius daughters to help me with this thing. Untill we meet again!

Love love, kiss kiss... ~*Mom*~