Tuesday, May 12, 2009

sad attempt to update this blog!

When you read blogs, like I do (and I love them). I tend to get frustrated when my favorites haven't updated. If anyone reads this blog do you ever feel the same way? But now that I have my own blog (thanks to my Stacey for setting it up for me) I have become very understanding of why blogs aren't updated like I want them to be. I know that I should update my blog but I don't' really feel like I have anything to say. Nothing of any importance. So this is my lame attempt to post something.

I will say I have been busy, (so busy I can't even update my blog). We celebrated Mothers day. Which I hate. No worries I wont' go into it. But my husband did do a wonderful job of making dinner for me and my girls. Thanks honey dinner was delish! I will say it was great to have all my children with me at church. Even Tyler came and sat with us, and Stacey was there. That did make it very nice.

We also have been attending wedding receptions like crazy. So fun to celebrate these exciting events in these young peoples lives.

What else, scouts, I have been doing scouts. I am the Bear leader in our ward. I am finally getting back into it and relearning every thing. the boys that we have are really fun and enjoyable. I just hope that the boys are learning something.

Any ways that is about it for it for now.


the mom.