Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello everyone!!! If you haven't read the previous post then you should!! This is Kindra as i explain in the bottom of the previous post and if you are to lazy to scroll down and read it then..that's pathetic!! ha Just do it! Anyways...What's been going on since my mom last came on here? (or my sister) well..I graduated!! That's huge! I am now currently attending UVU and studying in Behavioral Science. Tyler just got married to a beautiful women by the name of Kimberly and when I say just I mean like 2 days ago. Kira sprained her ankle the yesterday at jump on it with shaun. She has my mom's crutches but...she tends to hop or crawl EVERYWHERE! She made TDT (Timpanogos Dance Team) and was thrilled with that! Stacey is HATING her job. Poor girl. Hopefully she will have a new job coming up and I'm plotting many ways to get back at her boss:) because I'm a sweetheart and can get away with things like that ;) Tasha and Mark are doing lovely! Annie is growing so big and is the cutest child ever!! Like seriously. You can't compete. Emma is in preschool and she loves it!! She is in stage...definitely has some attitude but still the smart cute kid. Overall we are all doing pretty darn well!! and now for the best part!! (drum roll) PICTURES!!

This is the gang as we went to see Harry Potter 7 part 1 midnight showing! SO fun! before we went Tasha threw a Harry Potter party. Epic. We had Caldron Cakes, Acid Pops, Cockroach Clusters, Fizzing Whizbees, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Drooble's Best Blowing Gum, Pumpkin Pasties, Ton-Tounge Toffee, Magic Wands, Wizard's Hats and Butterbeer!! Along with games. I have pictures but they are on my phone so when I get them transferred I will be sure to share:)

Just a few cute pics of Annie and Emma at the pool:)

Kira's TDT pictures. She is so pretty:)

YAY!!! I'm graduated!!!

Tyler and Kimber's Engagements.