Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Update

Hello. It's time for an update. I'm going to start by introducing myself. Hi. My name is Stacey. I'm the second oldest daughter to Daurene Turpin. I know the majority of my mother's readers are aware of who I am, but I thought I'd add such a sentence for those who don't know my mom well enough to know who I am. I've decided to take it upon myself to update my mom's blog, an event it would seem that has become very popular among the blogging world, and a task I have not done since the beginning of this blog.

I'm going to start with the best part of my mom's happiness. Her newest granddaughter Annie May Merrill. This would be Tasha's second daughter (a fairly good family position if you ask me, though any family position is good). The Merrill family now consists of; Mark, Tasha, Emma & Annie (that is in chronological order by the way). Such cute little girls, my Mom's lucky to be their grandmother, and mother to Tasha.

In Stacey's life, (That's be me) she just moved into a two bedroom apartment, and has a wonderful roommate, Alli. They're both fun girls, and I'm sure they're going to have a lot of fun together (I must add here, that I quite strongly with my mom). Though she's not the biggest fan of her job, she's a tough cookie to stick with it (thank you mom).

Tyler's back home for a short while, and is doing well.

Kindra's back in school and is enjoying it! (that statement may or may not be true, but I thought I'd throw it in to see if she reads this thing). We've just gotten her Senior pictures done, I'll have to post some copies when they arrive. She just got a new phone, the LG Versa and she Loves it! She's such a whiz at learning her way around her new technology. I really hope she can teach me how to work my phone just as well (Rumor has it that my mom is looking at also getting the LG Versa).

Kira is also back in school and is continuing her dances. She sure loves to dance. I'll come into the kitchen and just find her dancing away to a beat only she knows. She's also going through a growth spurt and is constantly snacking late at night.

As for myself, I'm doing well. Kevin has been going to Idaho to help Randy with Harvest. I hope it all goes well, and they finish soon. We've recently gotten our cats Snoopy & Tum Tum collars. Kevin says they've been turned into girly cats. I think they look good. I've just finished a quilt for the cabin. It looks great!

Well everybody, it's been fun posting for my mom, but I've got to sign off and help cook some delicious homemade Chinese for dinner (my mom's been trying new Chinese recipes and so far, they've been delicious). Hope you all had fun reading, and I'll see what I can do to get her to update more. Enjoy the rest of your sunday.

Love love kiss kiss, the second daughter.