Friday, September 5, 2008

Concering apron swapp

to my partner, it is coming, I promise.

Sorry so slow, but much to ramble about

Ok to my Apron swapp partner. It is coming. Your package is really being sent. This apron thing is .... is .... turning out to be really hard for me. I thought that when I signed up for it, it was going to be a good thing. Fun. A good challenge. A good thing for me. I strugel with getting things out in the mail. I don't know why, I just do. I was wanting so much to get back into somthing that I loved. And I use to really love to sew. And I was pretty good. I made my own clothes, my husbands clothes, my children's clothes. I did altrations for people. Made wedding dresses for friends, bridsmaid dresses. Costuming for a song/dance group. Then I quit. Just couldn't do it any more So I thought this would help me get my mojo back. Really how hard could an apron be? I had already made several. but this one included extra stuff. Not really hard extra stuff. but making it for someone I had never met, and I wanted to put "her" into it (faviote colors) and hope that "she" would like it. So now you know it is coming. And I hope that you really like it. I am very happy with how it turned out.

Now for the record, here is how the month went Too many things happened this past month. I decided to get started with my apron swapp the first week of Aug. I went shopping. I found what I thought would be a good match for my partner. But I needed a contrast fabric and ended up finding some it in Idaho. I live in Utah. I thought that I bought enough. (I didn't) ( I found this out way later). I got my sewing machine out. It sat for about 10 days, DID NOT touch it. Almost every day I would think I am going to sew today. I didn't. My oldest daughter was hoping that we would work on the quite book that we are making for Emma. We didn't even get that done. So I moved it back to my Dryer for a nice sunday dinner. Then School started here in the middle of Aug. Then my husband got a new calling for our church. We had to keep it a secret. It was a big deal. We weren't sure what or why we had to go and see the Stake President. We did have ideas. But what came out of his mouth made us both speachless. So from the time we had the appointment until the call was made at church was a total of 3 weeks. The last week was a very good one actually. A lot of talk and prayer happened. Kevin was called to be our Ward bishop. Kevin traveled to Idaho so he could have mom and dad Turpin here. That was very special. Here he is with his Parents. Zola and Lavar Turpin. It was really a special day.

Also, my friend Tamera came home and I got to spend some time with her. She had a wedding, and many people who needed to see her and talk to her. I miss her something awful. What a great friend. She and her husband are living in Paraway serving as Mission President. They only have until the end of June 2009. Can't wait for next summer. Here is a picture of her and me at Bryan's wedding reception.

I was just so happy to help her out. Kindra and Kira, and neighbor Makayla helped serve pie. I just realized I didn't get any pictures of them that night. They were really cute. I was so sad at saying goodbye. But it won't be that much longer before they are back. Love and miss you Tamera.

love, love, kiss, kiss

the mom