Friday, October 1, 2010

Some of the things I did this past summer

Ok, Ok I have been needing to update this blog. So it might be overloaded with pictures. But it jut to show you I had a very busy summer. So lets ge the party started.

Watched Kira dance. Actually alot. but loved it.

Here Kira got to do a ballet solo. She did a great job.

Then we spent some time at the cabin. And of course what else would we do? Waiting for the parade. We watched the parade :)

The parade is short but they throw a lot of candy.

Soooo....this is Kindra. My Mom's favorite daughter:), she doesn't ever update this thing so guess who is taking over!!!! Nope not me! just kidding. Of course me I'm the only one who has time do update this thing!...So this is a post my mom had saved and I didn't really read through it and she is in desperate need of a post so here ya go!