Friday, February 20, 2009

I did another swapp!

OK i joined a bag swapp. And this is what I made for my partner. I also made a bracelet and a tissue holder. I think that I forgot to take pictures of those. But take my word for it they were cute. Then this is what I got in the mail yesterday. So way cute. Can I just say thank you to my partner. Man she did a great job. I am away from home right now at a dance competition. and I forgot the card with the name and email. So sorry for being so slow and getting my thanks to you. I LOVE IT!

Another view of the cute things that came with it. A tissue holder with some lotion. How did she know? That I would need these things? considering that I live in Utah might have something to do with it. Wow I have to say it again, I LOVE MY NEW BAG! Thank you again, it made my day!!!

Well I need to go and watch my daughter dance. It is her first solo. We are nervous.

I post more later.

Love, love, kiss, kiss

The mom


SweetT said...

I made the bag and I am so glad that you received it and that you like it. Enjoy!
Good luck to your daughter in the dance competition!

Shannon said...

Daurene, Your bag turned out just darling. Sorry I wasn't there when you came in on Thursday, we headed to our home in St. George for most of the week and weekend. I would of loved to see you and your bag. The bag you received is cute too. That was a fun swap to do. I will be posting about my bags shortly. Shannon

Judy @ In His Grip said...

Daurene, I love, love, love my bag. It is as if you really know me because you could not have made it any more like me. The Kleenex holder and barcelet were a great surprise! Thank you for all of your work.

Judy@In His Grip