Thursday, May 22, 2008

I don't think that anybody reads this thing or maybe somebody would offer some HELP..... you know about the posting of pictures.

As for other news, I broke my right foot. It makes me so mad I could spit nails. It hurts so bad and I have to stay off of it and keep it up and I am not use to asking for so much help. But I want to thank my family for all of their love and support in helping me and getting me glasses of ice water and so many other things. Love you family.

Love love, kiss kiss, mom


Mark said...

Since no one else will, I will help you post pictures. Thanks for making me feel good about my picture taking abilities. :)

Kiss, Kiss, Love, Love, Hug, Hug, Little Hug, Little Hug, Little Kiss, Little Kiss

The Miller Family said...

wow, quite the son-in-law you've got :) As far as the emails from Trevor go, we only get them if we send 'um ;) He writes personal emails (or snail mail if you send one of those) and I don't think I've ever gotten a "mass" email from him... I will ask mom and dad though and see if maybe we're just missing out :) In the meantime, I'm sure you will hear back from him if you email him- his email is

Good luck! He usually checks his email sometime on Mondays, so we try and write either Sunday night or early monday morning!

Giabella Designs said...

You need to know where the picture is that you want to put on your blog. Hit browse to find it and upload it.

start where you add your text for your blog post. I usually upload my picture (there is a picture box), click on that box and click on the word browse. look for the picture you want, add a couple of spaces and then upload the next one. You can choose to have it left, right or center. I hope this helps.